Before placing an order please read the

Terms & Conditions


I understand this is a non-refundable service, and all issues can easily be resolved by using the info provided on this website, or asking for help.

I understand this service could temp or permanently go down at any point.

I understand the first place I should look for info is the News & Updates tab on the website.

I understand that the tech support team reside in a +7 hour time zone and are not available 24 hours a day.

I understand John doe Streams does not guarantee any set content and content may be removed if no longer available at any time with no prier notice.

I have had a free test to check I am happy with the service and it's content, and have checked my equipment is compatible and able to run the service. 

I understand that setting up my equipment is my own responsibility and I am able to preform this task, from the setup guides provided on this website.

I understand I do not need a Paypal account to pay by card via Paypal.

I agree to not inform Paypal under any circumstances the nature of this item.

To do so would likely result in both parties losing their accounts.

In the unlikely event I need to open a Paypal dispute, after I have requested help

and have not been able resolve the issue, 

I understand to never mention IPTV on the dispute form

under any circumstances!



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